WGS Internship

Course Description and Number

21:988:425 Women’s and Gender Studies Internship. (3 credits) (Recommended for the major or minor in Women’s Studies and the minor in LGBTQ Studies) This course permits students to take academic work into an activist arena on the campus and/or in the wider community.

Course Requirements

1)    The student must arrange to work on a volunteer basis at a company, organization, agency or other entity in which he/she will carry out meaningful women-centered activities.  The student must provide a description of the internship duties to the Director.  The Women’s and Gender Studies program and the Career Development Center will work with the student to locate potential internships.  Students may also seek an internship with an on campus entity such as the LGBTQ and Diversity Resource Center.  Students should begin this process during the semester prior to the planned internship.

2)    The student should work from 10 to 15 hours/week throughout the semester of the internship, and should keep an accurate log of hours worked. The student will also keep a weekly journal recording the activities in which she/he has been engaged.

3)    At the end of the semester the student will submit a paper (at least 5-7 pages in length) describing the work done, what he/she has learned, and how this experience has related to the academic work done in Women’s and Gender Studies classes.

4)    The student may also write a brief article for the Women’s and Gender Studies blog about the internship experience.

5)    The student must provide the advisor (usually the Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program) with the name and phone number of the person who is supervising the internship, and must keep the advisor informed as to his/her progress.

Supervisor:    Whitney Strub
                        Acting Director of Women’s and Gender Studies