War and Peace Project

Over the last century, the United States has fought in a number of wars, ranging from trench warfare of World War I and II to war in Vietnam and, most recently, Iraq and Afghanistan. The iconic image of the soldier is one of strength and valour, as highly-trained and well-equipped soldiers travel to distant lands to fight for their country. While soldiers no doubt manifest these qualities, less attention has been paid to their on-the-ground experiences and, especially, what happens to soldiers when they return home. These issues have a direct impact on Rutgers and surrounding communities, which have increasing numbers of combat veterans. The "War and Peace" project focuses both on the experiences of such soldiers as well as the broader paths from states of war and conflict to peace. Recent initiatives undertaken under this project area include the Project on War, Remembrance, and Return (2011-13), the Project on Women, War, and the Military (2012-13), and the Syria Peace and Justice Project (2013-present).