Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Who should come in for advising?

All NCAS and UC-Newark Undergraduate students are assigned an Academic Advisor. Students are expected to meet with their assigned advisor at least once per academic year to ensure that they are completing all academic requirements and making satisfactory progress towards completion of degree.   

When should I make an appointment?

Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor once a semester to discuss interests and long term plans. Students have the ability to make and manage their academic advisement appointments with the RU-N 4 Success – APPOINTMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. To make an appointment with your academic advisor, please click here. Your meeting will be 30 minutes in length, so arrive to your appointment prepared. In order for your appointment to be productive:

  1. Be on time. Please leave adequate travel time as you may have to reschedule if you are late.
  2. During pre-registration have a list of propsed courses for the next semester, with alternatives. Please use this form (Academic Advisement Worksheet) to tentatively plan your remaining semesters. It is best to refer to Degree Navigator, WebReg, and the Schedule of Classes to review any pre-requisites or restictions on courses you are interested in taking.
  3. Arrive with questions for discussion. Your advisor can assist you with 


When should I stop in to see an "Advisor on Duty"?

An Advisor on Duty is available in our office Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm unless the University is closed. You will be able to ask a question or two at the counter. If the Advisor on Duty finds your questions require more time, s/he will recommend an appointment. You may also use student workstations to submit online forms.

to RU-N 4 Success to schedule an appointment

with your academic advisor

Stay on top of your academics 

Get helpful academic advice &

Remain on a smooth path to Graduation!

Advisor Assignments as of September 2017: 

A – B

Ms. Janeyah Vickers


Dean Andrea Morales


Ms. Daveena Colwell

Han - L

Mr. Patrick Haggerty

M – O

Mrs. Patricia Guillaume

P – Pl

Ms. Sara Ouimet

Pm – Sim

Ms. Cynthia Hawkins

Sin – Z

Ms. Armanda Huenergardt


Mrs. Lisa Abreu Morel

Pre-Engineering, Pre-Health

Mr. Chazz Fellenz


Pre-Health Ms. Sara Ouimet