U.S.-Iran Dialogue Project

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, relations between the United States and Iran have declined precipitously. On the one hand, Iran has been sharply critical of perceived U.S. arrogance and attempts at global hegemony, a view reinforced by U.S. sanctions and attempts to isolate Iran. The U.S., in turn, has remained highly suspicious of Iran’s perceived Islamic fundamentalism and nuclear ambitions. Each country seems to view the other as the epitome of evil, with President Bush listing Iran as one of the pillars of the “axis of evil” and Iranians staging “Death to America” rallies and referring to the U.S. as the “Great Satan.” Clearly, there is enormous misunderstanding on both sides, a situation that only makes the geopolitical situation in the Middle East more complicated and even dangerous. The U.S.-Iran Dialogue Project seeks to address this volatile situation by promoting mutual understanding and dialogue between the United States and Iran. To this end, the project will undertake research projects, educational programming, scholarly dialogue, international conferences and symposia, and public outreach activities to accomplish its mission. In doing so, project will also promote awareness and understanding of Iranian/Persian culture and history.