Undergraduate Program of Physics

Students walking on Newark CampusThe program in physics is designed to enable a major to graduate with a sound and thorough preparation in basic physics. The student is prepared either for subsequent graduate study in physics or for employment in physics or allied fields at a level commensurate with a good undergraduate physics background. Individual study and participation in ongoing research within the department are encouraged for those interested and qualified. Research opportunities also exist in undergraduate research programs organized or sponsored by the American Institute of Physics and the National Science Foundation, on a competitive basis. Pink Tree outside Newark Campus building.The physics major may be combined with undergraduate programs or selected course work in the areas of premedicine, prebusiness, and prelaw; this provides excellent credentials and background for entrance into professional programs in these fields. A modified physics program is also available to students in the field of education, which leads to certification for high school teaching in the area of physical science.

Physics Major and Minor Course Requirements

Newark College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Catalog

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