Victor Costa  
Majors: Mathematics & Music Minors: Biology, Portuguese Studies
BA 2011 (New Jersey Medical School)

The Honors College was the most influential part of my undergraduate education. I learned to be responsible not only for my performance in class but for the direction of my career. I was given the reins to my future and with the help of the honors college I achieved my goal of getting to medical school. Through the challenging courses and the Capstone research opportunity I was able to flex my mental muscles and really let my strengths shine. The senior Capstone project made me an independent, responsible, and disciplined professional, ready to face any future career path, not just medical school. The honors college can be a game changing experience for anyone ready and willing to work just as hard as the honors college staff does to ensure their own future. The honors college gave me the key to the doors in my path and prepared me to walk through them, but it was up to me to choose the path I would take and make strides towards my goals. For those students eager to succeed, taking advantage of the plethora of resources available through the honors college is the first step to success. Without them, I would not be where I am now, en route to being a doctor of medicine.

Olga Gorlova
Major: Chemistry
BA 2011, MA 2012 (PhD student)

The Honors College was an integral part of my success at Rutgers Newark. I appreciate all their guidance and support as I enter Yale for my PhD this upcoming fall.





Ioannis S. Athanasopoulos, Esq.
Major: Sociology & Criminal Justice
BA 2006, MA 2007, J.D. 2010

There were a number of stepping stones during my journey of accomplishing my educational and career aspirations. The Rutgers University Newark Honors College was definitely one of those stepping stones. The RU Honors College challenged me at a professional, educational and personal level, while it provided me with the tools and support I needed to succeed. The RU Honors College assisted me in obtaining an internship with a New Jersey Superior Court Judge, encouraged me to conduct a couple of primary research data collection and presentations of my research analysis and findings and took my educational experience at Rutgers University - Newark to a higher level. The Rutgers University Newark Honors College is in the business of cultivating minds, inspiring students to succeed and creating leaders. I truly thank them for supporting me in realizing my dreams.

Lilliam Cruz
Major: Economics
BA Class of 2010, M.B.A. 2011

The Honors College at Rutgers Newark provided a unique collegiate experience that I would not have received otherwise. It demanded a strong work ethic and dedication to my studies, but it rewarded me with access to smaller class sizes where I was able to meet and network with like-minded students who were driven and sought a valuable education. I felt that the Honors College provided a strong support system and I had access to advisors such as Dr. Perry, who were actually concerned with my success and who led me to take the best and most challenging courses in the Honors College curriculum.  In addition, her career and academic advice led me to pursue a dual degree program with Rutgers Business School, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Economics and an M.B.A. in Professional Accounting in the course of four years. Moreover, my experience at the Honors College and valuable connections with top professors led me to pursue a career at KPMG.  With the help of the Honors College I was able to obtain an internship with the firm after my sophomore year at Rutgers Newark.  I participated in the firm’s Future Diversity Leaders (FDL) program and returned to the firm after completing two semesters in the M.B.A. program.  Subsequently, I was offered a full-time position in their Tax practice, where I decided to start my professional career.  At the moment, my opportunities at the firm are multiplying, but I still keep an open mind about possibly returning to academia and pursuing a Ph.D., something that would not have crossed my mind without the counsel of Dr. Perry and other professors at the Honors College.  It was a truly great experience and I owe a lot of my success to their guidance and support.

Sharissa Barrow
Majors: Economics & Mathematics
BA 2010, MA 2011

On a campus with thousands of students, it's unusual to be offered a personalized collegiate experience, but that's exactly what I had and it's almost entirely because I was a part of the Honors College. There are classes specially designed for Honors College students, which are taught by some of the best professors at Rutgers. The Honors College staff provides guidance on the academic path that should be taken to ensure that you graduate on time, and are always willing to share information on potential internship and scholarship opportunities. The best thing about the Honors College though is the staff--I can't count the number of times Dr. Perry, Miss Patty, or Liezza offered assistance and guidance on just about everything. When I was confused about what I'd do after university and what I needed to do while at university to ensure I could have the career I wanted, Dr. Perry helped me to think it through systematically. When I was so exhausted I could barely function, Ms. Patty reminded me of the value and need to take breaks and become involved in extracurricular activities. When the computer lab was packed and I was desperate to get a page printed, Lisa calmed me down and ensured I had the information I needed for class. Without the help of the Honors College, I wouldn't have been aware of some of the opportunities that existed; I wouldn't have graduated on time with as much success as I was able to; I wouldn't have enjoyed my collegiate experience as much as I did; and I very likely would not have been able to have the job I have today.

I've wanted to work with one of the international development partners for as long as I can remember. The support and guidance of the Honors College staff helped me to be well positioned to do just that, and I am now the Program Officer at the Guyana Post of the Canadian International Development Agency.