Technology Transfer

Fractured rock hydrogeology and geophysics

Rutgers-Newark, USGS and participating host institutions are teaming up to provide short courses in fractured rock hydrogeology and geophysics in support of on-going fractured rock research.  This one-day course will provide environmental professionals, consulting hydrogeologists, and engineers with a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in hydrogeological, borehole geophysical and cross-borehole geophysical techniques for the characterization of contaminated fractured rock aquifers.
The course is taught by a team of experts in fractured rock with examples taken from work at contaminated federal and industrial facilities across the U.S.  Included are field demonstrations at a nearby well field.  Emerging technologies will be showcased for the characterization of contaminated fractured rock aquifers.
Often, credits are offered through state licensed site professionals organizations (LSRP).   An example short course flyer is here.
The next short course offering is on March 21, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts through the  Licensed Site Professional Association (LSPA) of Massachusetts.  Registration information can be found at the LSPA website.
Key Organizers/Instructors:
Dr. Lee Slater, Professor, Near-surface geophysics at Rutgers-Newark
Dr. Fred Day-Lewis, Research Hydrologist, USGS Office of Groundwater Branch of Geophysics
Carole Johnson , Hydrologist, USGS Office of Groundwater Branch of Geophysics
Dr. Markus Wehrer , postdoctoral scientist/research associate, hydrogeophysics at Rutgers-Newark
Dr. John Lane, Chief, USGS Office of Groundwater, Branch of Geophysics
Example Agenda
8:00-8:30 Characterization challenges in fractured rock (Slater/Day-Lewis)
8:30-9:10  Borehole geophysical logging methods (Johnson)
9:10-9:40 Borehole flow meter methods (Johnson/Day-Lewis)
9:40-9:55  BREAK
9:55-10:25 Cross-borehole geophysical methods (Slater)
10:25-10:55  Focused packer testing techniques (Slater)
10:55-11:30 Tufts University well field and local geology (Garven)
11:30-12:00 Translating geophysical results into a hydrogeologic framework (Day-
12:00-1:00 LUNCH BREAK
Field Location - well field
1:00-2:00 Site geology and challenges for fractured-rock characterization and monitoring (All)
2:00-3:45 Field demonstrations of borehole geophysical logging, cross-borehole resistivity monitoring, and sampling methods in fractured rock
3:45-4:00 BREAK
4:00-4:45  Summary of lessons learned from studies
4:45-5:00   Wrap up and final comments