Summer 2016 Undergraduate Courses

21:050:200:BQ Introduction to American Studies
Instructor: Sara Grossman
Summer 2016 Online Course 5/31-7/8
Description: This course is an introduction to the academic interdisciplinary field of American Studies. Our focus will be on some major facets of the “American experience,” such as Identity, Family and Memory.  We will be reading texts of many kinds – from an article about the 1950s family to an excerpt from a Philip Roth novel. As well, online video clips of documentaries will be employed to help gain an understanding of the global, communal, personal America. As this is a Writing Intensive course, the papers will be integral; early drafts will allow for practice in revision as well as opportunities to hone workshopping skills in a respectful and helpful online environment. Final essays will be based upon students' unique interests and experiences as they connect to the reading and viewing assignments. Regular online discussion will also play a large part in this course.
21:050:489:HQ Topics in American Studies: Temporary African Immigrant Narratives
Instructor: Bernard Lombardi
Summer 2016 Online Course 7/11-8/17
Description: This course will examine narratives written about contemporary (1980-present) African immigration to the United States. We will explore different forms of narrative including fiction, memoir, ethnography, and history, paying close attention to the various disciplinary and genre styles. Topics discussed will include: reasons for emigrating countries of origin, reasons for coming to the United States, staying vs. returning, economic opportunities, transnationalism, race relations in the United States, identity (race, national, diasporic), gender and sexuality, and inter-generational relationships, among others. Required book: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah.