Spring 2014

American Studies Courses


26:050:502:01 Research Seminar: Cities and Suburbs in American Culture, H 5:30-8:10PM, CON-233, Snyder, Email- rwsnyder@andromeda.rutgers.edu.

Description: In this research seminar, we will explore cities, suburbs and their relationship in everything from the arts to intellectual history to ways of life. We’ll being by reading some theoretical works and then move on to illuminating books. We’ll also visit archives in Newark, New York City and online where you can begin to pursue your research. In the second half of the semester you’ll work more independently on researching, drafting and revising your essays. The seminar is designed to accommodate a wide range of topics, perspectives and methodological approaches. Our only core requirement is that that you treat a city, a suburb or their relationship as a significant dimension of your analysis. Seminar participants are expected to finish the semester with a well-developed essay that can become a conference presentation, a published article or a chapter in an MA thesis or doctoral dissertation.

26:050:522:01 Topics in American Studies II: Sexuality and Sexual Politics, W 5:30-8:10PM, CPS-201, Stewart-Winter, Email- timsw@andromeda.rutgers.edu.  

Description: This graduate seminar will examine classic and more recent texts dealing with sexuality and power, primarily in the U.S. but with attention to transnational phenomena and experiences. Readings will be drawn from a variety of disciplines and will attend closely to the intersections of sexuality with gender and gender identity, science, race, class, social movements, literature, and urban and suburban cultures and politics. Students will also gain experience in analyzing of primary documents in relation to histories of sexuality and gender.

26:050:550:01 Topics in Cultural History & Artistic Production: From Cultural History To Cultural Studies, T 5:30-8:10PM, CON-448, Feldstein, Email- feldst@andromeda.rutgers.edu.   

Description: Beginning from the premise that “culture matters,” this graduate seminar will explore when, how, and in what specific ways scholars working from various disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives have engaged with culture, cultural history, and cultural studies as categories and as methods.

 26:050:596:01 Advanced Individual Studies in Amer Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff

 26:050:597:01 Individual Research in American Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff

 26:050:598:01 MA Essay Ameican Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff

 26:050:619:01 Internship Amer. Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff

26:050:702:01 Dissertation Research. Hrs By Arr, Staff

26:050:800:01 Matriculation Cont'd. Hrs By Arr, Staff

26:050:877:01 Teaching Assistant, Hrs By Arr, Staff 

Relevant Courses in Other Departments

The following Spring 2014 courses has been identified as appropriate for students enrolling in the American Studies Program. See departmental listings for times, instructors and prerequisites.

26:510:504  Narrative History: Non-Fiction Writing Workshop

26:510:618  Seminar in Teaching History

26:561:502  Historiography II

26:561:505  Graduate Topics I

26:561:506  Graduate Topics II

26:977:624  Special Topics Urban Systems: Social Foundations of Urban Education

26:977:620  Qualitative Methods

48:977:788  Special Topics in Urban Systems: The Good City - NJIT - Requires a Special Permission Number

49:977:633  Urban Populations - RBHS - Requires a Special Permission Number