Spring 2013 Courses: Information and Schedule


Intro to Women's Studies- Interdisciplinary Rqmt(21:988:201:01), Time: MW (4-5:20PM), Location: HILL 115, Instructor: Dr. Connie Murray, Email: clmurray@rutgers.edu, Previous Syllabus

Intro to LGBTQ Studies- Interdisciplinary Rqmt(21:988:205:01), Time: MW (10-11:20AM), Location: HILL 106, Instructor: Professor Whitney Strub, Email: wstrub@andromeda.rutgers.edu, Previous Syllabus

Feminist History and Theory- Writing Intensive (21:988:301:Q1), Time: TTh (10-11:20AM), Location: ENG-215, Instructor: Debotri Dhar, Email: debotri87@hotmail.com

Politics of Sexuality-Writing Intensive(21:988:325:Q1), Time: Th (6-9PM), Location: CPS-104, Instructor: Professor Teresa Hunt, Email: tah43@andromeda.rutgers.edu, Previous Syllabus

Topics in Women’s Studies: Human Trafficking (21:988:389:61), Time: T (6-9PM), Location: CON-319,: Natalie Jesionka , Email: njesionka@gmail.com

Topics in Women's Studies: Gender in South Asia (21:988:390:01), Time: TTh (2:30-3:50PM), Location: SMT-241, Instructor: Debotri Dhar, Email: debotri87@hotmail.com

Topics in Women's Studies: LGBT Politics (21:988:390:02), Time: M (2:30-3:50PM) W (1:00-2:20PM), Location: SMT-245, Instructor: Professor Jyl Josephson, Email: jylj@andromeda.rutgers.edu

Individual Research in Women's Studies (21:988:401:01) Time: Hrs By Arr, Instructor: Staff

Women's Studies Internship (21:988:425:01) Time: Hrs By Arr, Instructor: Professor Belinda Edmondson, Email: edmondsn@andromeda.rutgers.edu