Spring 2012 Courses

American Studies Courses

26:050:502:01 Research Seminar (Subtitle: Popular Culture) W 5:30-8:10PM, CON 233, Raphael, Email- traphael@andromeda.rutgers.edu


26:050:521:01 Topics in American Studies I (Subtitle: Gender in Amer. Studies & Culture since 1900) Cross listed with 26:510:554:01, T 5:30-8:10PM, CON 448, Stewart- Winter, Email- timsw@andromeda.rutgers.edu, Syllabus


26:050:522:01 Topics in American Studies II (Subtitle: Race&Class in US Politics&Policy Making) Cross listed with 26:790:501:01, M 5:30-8:10PM, ENG 201, Middlemass, Email- middle@rutgers.edu, Syllabus


26:050:596:01 Advanced Individual Studies in Amer Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:597:01 Individual Research in American Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:598:01 MA Essay Ameican Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:619:01 Internship Amer. Studies (Students must complete the two-course introductory sequence in American Studies before doing and internship). Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:702:01 Dissertation Research. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:800:01 Matriculation Cont'd. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:877:01 Teaching Assistant, Hrs By Arr, Staff

The following Spring 2012 course has been identified as appropriate for students enrolling in the American Studies Program. See departmental listings for times, instructors and prerequisites.

26:561:502:01_____Historiography II
26:561:505:01_____Grad Topics I: Jazz Literature
26:561:506:01_____Grad Topics II: Monk and More
26:790:511:01_____Contemporary Political Thought: Comparative Social Movements
26:790:512:01_____Ethical Issues in Public Policy
26:790:536:01_____Advanced Research Methods in Political Science
26:988:570:01_____Feminist Research & Methods