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2017       Wonder Woman, the Gutter, and Critical Genocide Studies. In Memory and Genocide: On What Remains and the Possibility of Representation. Fazil Moradi, Ralph Buchenhors, and Maria Six-Hohenbalken, eds., p. 165-174. New York: Routledge.

2014       Justice and Time at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal: In Memory of Vann Nath, Painter and S-21 Survivor. Genocide Studies and Prevention 8(2): 7-17.

2013       Transitional Justice Time: Uncle San, Aunty Yan, and Outreach at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. In Genocide and Mass Atrocities in Asia: Legacies and Prevention. Deborah Mayersen and Annie Pohlman, eds. p. 86-98. New York: Routledge.

2012       Critical Genocide StudiesGenocide Studies and Prevention 7(1): 4-15.

2012       Genocide and Effacement: A Conference on Cambodia, a Painting, and Ways of Knowing. Logos: A Journal of Modern Society & Culture 11(1): Winter. 

2008       Songs at the Edge of Democratic Kampuchea. In At the Edge of the Forest: Essays on Cambodia, Narrative and History Honoring David Chandler. Anne Hansen and Judy Ledgerwood, eds. Pp. 71-91. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Southeast Asian Program Press.

2006       Khmerness and the Thai Other: Violence, Discourse, and Symbolism in the 2003 Anti-Thai Riot in CambodiaJournal of Southeast Asian Studies 37 (3): 445-68.