Rutgers PALS Electives

PALS Pronunciation Courses

PALS offers Vocabulary and Pronunciation elective courses. These courses will take place twice a week at 2:30 (after your other PALS classes have finished) and last 1.5 hours per meeting, just like PALS other courses.

For these courses you will receive a grade and the grade will be counted on your transcript. These are elective courses, so you are not required to take them. They serve as supplements to PALS speaking courses and not as replacements. In other words, you cannot take pronunciation instead of speaking.

To sign up for the pronunciation elective, choose to study 21 credits instead of 18. $100 will be added to the cost of your tuition if you take the pronunciation elective.


21 credit hour tuition: $1,700 (includes elective)

20 hour credit tuition: $1,650


Novice Pronunciation (Beginner, basic)

Course Text: English Pronunciation Made Simple, #0-13-111596-0

In this novice pronunciation course students will receive abundant practice opportunities in controlled exercises, to improve their articulation of the vowels and consonants of the English language by contrasting such troublesome pairs as, such as: v/b, p/f, l/r, t/d, ae/E, i/I, and u/U, while also learning various ways to spell words containing these sounds. Students will also study –ed and –s endings, question and statement intonation and simple sentence rhythm.

Intermediate Pronunciation (Low Intermediate, High Intermediate)

Course Text: Focus on Pronunciation 3, #0-13-231500-9

In this course, students will continue to work on –ed endings and word endings, as well as refining problems with consonants, vowels and spelling. In addition, students will begin to study word and sentence stress by identifying syllable stress with prefixes/suffixes, compound nouns, noun/adjective pairs. Students will study sentence stress in spoken English through reduction of function words and emphasis on varying content words. Students will also use a dictionary to assist them in identifying the pronunciation of a word.

Advanced Pronunciation (Low Advanced, High Advanced, TOEFL, EAP)

Course Text: Focus on Pronunciation 3, #0-13-231500-9

Supplemental text: Targeting Pronunciation: Communicating Clearly in English, #0-618-44418-1

In this course, students review word and sentence rhythm and stress patterns from the previous course. In addition, students will study ‘fast speech,’ common in spoken English, particularly with questions and contractions. A focus on the correct articulation of the North American /t/ will also be a focus. Moreover, students will analyze the role of intonation and meaning to determine a speaker’s attitude and study how to form thought groups in order to organize their speech.

Click here to see a complete list of learning goals, objectives, and outcomes for our pronunciation courses.