Rutgers-Newark Ranks High in "Washington Monthly" Annual Survey

Washington Monthly magazine’s annual college rankings are out, and Rutgers-Newark once again is at the top of the list -- this time in two important categories. The school is ranked:

  • Second in the nation among national universities for “Best Bang for the Buck,” a category that shows “which schools get their students over the finish line at a reasonable price.”
  • Eighth in the U.S. among national universities for “social mobility," a measure that Washington Monthly uses to “give colleges credit for enrolling many low-income students and helping them earn degrees.”

According to the magazine, Washington Monthly's ranking system differs from U.S. New & World Report's in one crucial respect: The latter's focuses on how prestigious a college is compared with its peers, while the former's rates "colleges based on how well they perform with the students they have, regardless of the students’ backgrounds or SAT scores, on metrics that measure the widely shared national goals of increasing social mobility, producing research, an inspiring public service."

This year, Washington Monthly added another important criteria that the magazine says has been long missing from college rankings -- cost-effectiveness -- to round out its ranking system.

For additional rankings that Rutgers-Newark -- and the school's individual programs -- have received, visit here.