Profile: Raffaella De Rosa


Department of Philosophy


I am a Professor in the Philosophy Department at Rutgers-Newark. I am also a member of the Graduate Faculty in the Philosophy Department at Rutgers, New Brunswick and of the Graduate Faculty in the Psychology Department at Rutgers-Newark. I received my PhD from Rutgers University in 2002 after a Laurea in Philosophy from the University of Pisa and a year of postgraduate work at Oxford University (UK).

My research interests are in early modern theories of cognition, mental representation and concept acquisition; as well as contemporary theories of mind and concepts. Some of my work can be described as at the intersection between early modern and contemporary theories of mind.

  • Departments

    Department of Philosophy at Rutgers, Newark

    Department of Philosophy at Rutgers, New Brunswick (Graduate Faculty)

    Psychology Department at Rutgers, Newark (Graduate Faculty)

  • Education

    Ph.D., Rutgers

    B.A., University of Pisa, Italy