Queer Newark wins 2016 Clement A. Price Human Dignity Award

Queer Newark is the recipient of the Clement A. Price Human Dignity Award for 2016. This award is given by the University Committee to Advance our Common Purposes, which was founded in 1987, and has recently been revamped within the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs with a new mission statement: “The Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes promotes the development of a university community that values and advances diversity and inclusion. We will help to nurture and sustain a civil, compassionate, intellectually honest, and inclusive academic community that is respectful and fosters dialogue, and interaction between those with differing views and belief systems.”

Queer Newark is being recognized for "outstanding leadership in documenting, preserving and promoting the history of LGBTQ lives in Newark; and creating innovative partnerships with community organizations in the city and exemplary collaborations among faculty, staff, and students. The archives provide an invaluable service as a resource for university researchers and community organizers and have been instrumental in opening dialogue about Queer life and politics in Newark."

For more information about the QNOHP visit queer.newark.rutgers.edu.