Be a Competitive Candidate


Completion of pre-health requirements

Maintain a strong academic performance in all coursework, and specifically in the sciences

Ask questions during class, get to know your professors and stand out

Extracurricular Experiences 

Involve yourself outside of the classroom to become a well-rounded individual

Continue your medically-related and volunteer experiences

Keep a journal and reflect upon what you have learned through your experiences

Carefully consider how your experiences reflect the competencies important to success in medical practice

Be Motivated

Have a deep compassion for others and drive to pursue a health profession

Acknowledge and be able to articulate why you want to be a physician/dentist/optometrist/etc.

Carefully consider how your experiences speak to your motivations for the career

Be Prepared

Standardized test are a given; retain concepts learned in class and utlize appropriate prep courses

Make sure that you establish positive working relationships with professionals, faculty and staff (Remember you will ultimately need Letters of Recommendation)

Meet your deadlines; be organized and take advantage of resources available to you

Interviews: Your application, scores, grades and recommendation letters will get you an interview but how well you can articulate your ideas, thoughts, values and overall impression is what will get you into a health professions school