Pathways to Perpetration: A Graduate Student Symposium

Tuesday, December 2
Dana Room
4th Floor, Dana Library

Panel I: Perpetration under Militarism: Stories from Latin America and Eastern Europe

Elise Popp, Moderator

Angel, Hero or Coward? Alfredo Astiz in the Memory of the Dirty War
Anna Ikeda
Division of Global Affairs

El Proceso de Reorganización Nacional: The Legacy of Admiral Emilio Massera and Argentina's Dirty War
Michael Ordonez
Peace and Conflict Studies

Holodomor: The Hunger of Ukraine
Tulika Tripathi
Peace and Conflict Studies

Slobodan Milosevic: The Role of Leaders in the Occurence of Genocide
Marina Wari
Peace and Conflict Studies

Panel 2: Prosecution after Genocide: The Faces of Perpetration

It's Yours. Kill. -- Callixte Nzabonimana's Paradox
Jacqueline Finkelstein
Peace and Conflict Studies

Woman or Monster: A Closer Look into Pauline Nyiramasuhuko of the Rwandan Genocide
Ariana Ruela
Division of Global Affairs

Why Irma Grese? Gendered Prosecution among Nazi Perpetrators
Jacqueline Kirley
Creative Writing

America's Perpetration: An Interpretation of Genocide
Clara Ross
Peace and Conflict Studies