Other Liberal Arts

The College’s learning objectives call for effective written and oral communication, effective reading, multiple modes of inquiry, critical and creative thinking, an ability to produce knowledge, an understanding of intercultural relations, diversity, and an ability to address major questions of our time. All students must therefore complete one 3-credit course from a list of approved courses offered by the Department of Philosophy, the Department of African-American and African Studies, or the Program in Women’s Studies.

Courses that satisfy this requirement include:

21:014:111 Introduction to African American and African Studies I
21:014:112 Introduction to African American and African Studies II
21:014:113 Introduction to Caribbean Studies
21:014:255 Race, Gender, and American Film
21:050:200 Introduction to American Studies: American Lives
21:988:201 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
21:730:103 Introduction to Philosophy
21:730:201 Intro to Logic
21:730:212 Intro to Ethics
21:730:205 Current Moral and Social Issues
21:730:107 Critical Thinking
21:988:205 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies