Post-Baccalaureate Program: Applying

Before applying to the program, it is suggested that students first consider making an appointment for an in-person visit with an admissions officer at a medical/dental school to determine the best way to enhance acceptance to the medical/dental school. It is recommended that the student bring transcripts and other pertinent information so that a full evaluation can be conducted. This is especially important for students with weak undergraduate records.

Increasingly, medical/dental schools will not accept post-baccalaureate students with undergraduate transcripts that are weak even if these "late-bloomers" return as post-baccalaureates and achieve top grades in the sciences. Medical schools receive sufficient applicants with outstanding transcripts with little room for those that have showed improvement later on as post-baccalaureates. MCAT scores must also be excellent and in the 30's (old MCAT) or 507 or above (new MCAT) in most cases along with documented evidence of health-related experiences to confirm intentions for entering the medical profession. 

Applying to Rutgers University-Newark Post-Bacc Pre-Health Program

Step 1: Initial Application

Apply online using the Undergraduate Admission Application. Under the Newark Campus, select "Not working toward a degree" (non matriculating) and select University College-Newark as your college choice. Individuals in the post-baccalaureate program are registered as non-degree students. Regarding the personal statement on the bottom of the application, indicate that you are a post-baccalaureate applicant. Apart from the application and fee, you are required to submit official college transcripts from all institutions previously attended. The baccalaureate degree must be completed (and not in progress) before applying to the program. High school transcripts are not required.  Students are reviewed for admission into the university in accordance with the standards for University College and GPA, grade trend and completed courses.

Step 2: Secondary Application (only when you receive an email from Rutgers Admissions)

If admissible into the university, you will then be contacted and requested to submit supplemental materials to be considered specifically for the Post-Bacc Pre-Health Program.  Supplemental materials include a resume, a personal statement indicating your interest in our program, as well as what you intend to do professionally.   The email you receive will provide you with information on where to send the materials.  After a review of all supplemental materials, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with our office with Ms. Sara Ouimet, who is a Pre-Health Advisor and oversees the Post-Bacc program. A final decision on your admission status into the Post-Bacc program will be made once all materials have been submitted and the personal interview has been conducted. Failure to submit all required materials by the deadline will result in your application being withdrawn from consideration into the Post-Bacc Pre-Health Program.

Application Deadline Dates for admission into the Post-Bacc Pre-Health Program:

For Fall admission your completed application to Rutgers University-Newark is due by  June 1st  (admissions is on a rolling basis; submit all materials as soon as possible)

NOTE: Students having completed courses outside the U.S. should be aware that they may not be applied for fulfilling the academic requirements for admission to professional schools. This includes courses that have been transferred to Rutgers and are applied toward graduation.

There are no fees charged for the services provided by Pre-Professional Services.

Contact Person: Ms. Sara Ouimet,