General Curriculum Requirements

University College-Newark


A student must successfully complete at least 124* academic credits to graduate from University College–Newark. Students must complete all requirements for graduation in order to participate in graduation ceremonies. To ensure that every graduate has the opportunity to acquire a broad liberal arts education, the faculty has prescribed the following general curriculum requirements for all students, regardless of major field.

Note: The faculty has approved a change in the general curriculum requirements for graduation. The new core curriculum will be in effect for all incoming students in the fall 2012. Information about the new requirements may be found at this web page.


English Composition

Every student must successfully complete two English composition courses (21:355:101-102 or their equivalents) with a grade of C or better. Students must be enrolled in a composition course, or preparatory courses, as determined by the established placement standard at the college, each and every semester until the requirement is satisfied, unless otherwise advised by the Writing Program or the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

Students who do not pursue this requirement may be compelled to carry a reduced credit load and to defer their probable date of graduation.

Completion of the English composition requirement is a prerequisite to the writing intensive courses. It should be understood that students are expected to write English effectively in all courses. A student who consistently writes in an unsatisfactory manner, even though English composition has been passed, may be required to complete appropriate remedial work.


Writing across the Curriculum

Students are required to complete two courses designated as writing intensives, including at least one in the department of the major course of study. (They may choose to take the other as a course that satisfies general requirements or as an elective.) All departments offer at least one writing intensive course, identified in the Schedule of Classes with a Q prefix.

The Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) program reinforces writing skills attained in composition courses. Each WAC course requires students to undertake substantive writing assignments which are evaluated not only on content, but also on issues of grammar, organization, and rhetoric. WAC courses also emphasize drafting, revision, and critical feedback.


History and Literature

Students must successfully complete two courses (6 credits) in history offered by the Department of History and two courses (6 credits) in literature offered by the Department of English, the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, or the Department of African American and African Studies. The literature courses may be taken in the original language or in translation. Successful completion of English composition is a prerequisite for literature and history courses. Students who choose a literature course in an original language must fulfill language prerequisites for that course as well. For information about specific courses that fulfill this requirement, consult the Office of Academic Services.


Natural Science/Mathematics

Students must complete one of the following options:

1. a one-year, 8-credit science course with laboratory or

2. three courses in nonlaboratory science, mathematics, or computer science. At least two of the three courses in the second option must be science courses offered by the Departments of Biological Sciences, Geological Sciences, Chemistry, or Physics.

The nonlaboratory course may be selected from the sciences or from courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. If a mathematics course is chosen, it must be at a higher level than the one taken to fulfill the mathematics proficiency requirement.


Social Sciences

Students must successfully complete 6 credits in African American studies, anthropology, criminal justice, economics, political science, psychology, social work, or sociology.


Humanities and Fine Arts

Students must successfully complete 6 credits in any of the following disciplines: art, music, philosophy, speech, or theater arts. For information about specific courses that fulfill this requirement, consult the Office of Academic Seervices.


Restricted Electives

Every student must successfully complete 15 credits of electives outside of his or her major. Courses taken for graduation credit in education may be used as electives for the purpose of this requirement. With elective credits, students may choose to complete a minor in an approved subject offered at the college. Courses taken for graduation credit in urban education may be used as electives for this requirement.

* Effective September 1, 2015, a minimum of 120 degree credits would be required to graduate


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