Profile: Mohammad Qasem

Part-Time Lecturer

Department of Physics

Currently teaching several courses of college Physics, Math and Chemistry at local community colleges, in addition to the College Physics at Rutgers University.

  • Departments

    Physics Department, Rutgers

  • Courses Taught

    General Physics, College Physics, Calculus, Statistics, Digital Electronics, Electronics, Industrial Electronics, College Chemistry

  • Education

    MS Physics, University of Alabama at Birmingham 1986

  • Publications

    The work related to the master’s degree thesis:

    ·  Mossbauer Spectroscopy of Meteorites 1987

  • Subjects Taught

    Physics, Math and Chemistry

  • Expertise

    Physics and Electronics experiments and labs, Digital Electronics labs and projects.

    In addition to teaching, I have built enough experience in Federal and States tax issues for preparation and advisement for small business and individuals.

  • 201-497-4292
  • Rm 362 Smith Hall

  • 10-11:30 Tuesday