Minor in International Affairs

The minor in International Affairs requires 18 credits as follows:

1.     Language requirement: 2 semesters of one foreign language either at the intro or more advanced level. No credit for existing proficiency in a foreign language (6 credits).

2.     Two of the following core courses (6 credits):

21 790 202      America and the world (3)

And either

21 790 321      World Politics (3) or

28 510 213      20th century world history (3)


3.     Two additional courses at the 300 or 400 level with an international or global-related content from the following list (6 credits):

21:070:320 Human Rights in a Global World

21:070:340. Comparative Roles of Women

21:070:475. Culture and Globalization Anthropology

21:920:303. Social change and Globalization

21:920:375. Poverty and Growth in Africa, Asia, & Latin America

21:510:362 Capitalism and Socialism

21:510:379 Colonialism and Decolonization

21:220:312 Women in the Economy

21:220:335,336 International Economic Relations

21:220:339 Economic Development

21:790:302. Politics of the European Union

21:790:311. Government/Politics of Latin America

21:790:316. Government and Politics of the Far East

21:790:317. International Political Economy

21:790:318. Government and Politics of Africa

21:790:330. Eastern European Government and Politics

21:790:333. Government/Politics of the Middle East

21:790:337. Government/Politics of Southeast Asia

21:790:345. International Relations of Latin America

21:790:368. Citizenship & Democracy in a Global Era

21:790:379. Government/Politics of Russia/Former USSR

21:790:387. International Law

21:790:390. Politics of Global Development

21:790:417. Problems in International Relations: Gender and Global Politics

21:790:465 Topics in Comparative Politics

21:790:466 Topics in Global Politics

21:350:337 Literature and Decolonization

21:350:223 Introduction to Global Literature


Study abroad is strongly encouraged. A student majoring in one of the cooperating disciplines may not count more than 6 credits of his/her major toward this minor.  The cooperating disciplines are Political Science, Spanish & Portuguese Studies, Anthropology & Sociology, History and Economics.