Profile: Matthew Jameson

Part-time Lecturer

Department of History

Matthew is a PhD candidate in the department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at Bryn Mawr College. His MA thesis explored the fortifications of Athens and Attica during the Peloponnesian and post-Peloponnesian War eras. His dissertation will examine the interaction between foreign and local groups in the Arabian Gulf during the Hellenistic period, particularly focusing on the use of ceramics in constructing identity. His other research interests include the organization of ceramic production, the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age in the Eastern Mediterranean, the archaeology of food, maritime exchange, and identity in the archaeological record. Matthew has excavated a wide number of sites in various regions and periods including the Bronze Age site of Gournia on Crete, at the Roman Bath at Isthmia, Golemo Gradiste in FYROM, and on the Civil War site of Gettysburg. His most recent field project is with the Bryn Mawr Excavations in the UAE, excavating the sites of Tell Abraq and Muweilah.