Lives in Translation Project

Lives in Translation Project

Project Manager: Anna Dichter  (

Faculty Supervisor: Professor Jennifer Austin (

Rutgers-Newark is celebrated as the most diverse university campus in the United States, yet less commonly recognized is that the global provenance of our students also makes our campus linguistically rich. This initiative aims to build upon this strength to establish Rutgers-Newark as a community leader in teaching and research related to multilingualism and translation, critical forms of literacy for the increasing number of people who conduct international research and business or regularly communicate across borders of many kinds.  Not only is the capacity to translate between languages and cultures an essential ability for engaging with and understanding the modern world, it is also an economically valuable skill which improves the employment prospects of RU-N students.

As part of this initiative, we offer undergraduate internships in translation/interpretation serving the Legal Clinics at the Rutgers School of Law-Newark and other sites in the community

We are creating a database of languages spoken at RUN by students, faculty and staff, as well as a list of those speakers who are willing to serve as translators/interpreters in the community

We are also starting a new minor in Translation/ Interpretation and a certificate program in Translation/ Interpretation

For more information, please contact Anna Dichter ( or Jennifer Austin (

The Lives in Translation Project is funded by a Chancellor's Seed Grant to

Jennifer Austin, Spanish and Portuguese Studies, PI

John Keene, English/African American and African Studies, PI

Fran Bartkowski, English, co-PI

Anjum Gupta, Rutgers School of Law-Newark, co-PI

Tim Raphael, Arts, Culture, and Media, co-PI