Profile: Katie Singer

Teaching Assistant


Katie Singer (PhD Candidate)  Katie Singer has an MFA in Creative Writing andis working towards her doctorate in American Studies at RutgersUniversity-Newark. Her major field is African-American History and Culture. Herdissertation focuses on the Krueger-Scott African-American Cultural Center.Katie was a full time instructor at Fairleigh Dickinson University for tenyears teaching writing workshops in composition and creative writing, as wellas African-American literature and studies. She has sat on panels and givenreadings at numerous conferences, including the 2014 International Conferenceon the Short Story held in Vienna. Her writing consists of short stories,poems, articles and essays; she has published most recently an essay aboutattending the Short Story conferences since the year 2000 entitled, “ASeat at the Table” on webdelsol’s online journal, Literary Explorer.