Profile: John M. Maiello

Professor Emeritus

Department of Biological Sciences

Pre-Health Advisory Committee and Advisor, Rutgers Pre-Medical Society

Physiological factors influencing growth and sporulation in fungi.

  • Education

    B.A. in Botany and Geology, Hunter College of the City University of New York, 1965.

    Ph.D. in Mycology, Rutgers University, 1972.

  • Publications

    • Maiello, J. M. 1988. Acervulus initiation in Colletotrichum capsici. Mycologia 80:410-413.
    • Maiello, J. M. 1978. The origin of the pycnidium in Macrophomina phaseoli. Mycologia 70:176-179.
    • Maiello, J. M. 1977. The influence of ultraviolet light and carbohydrate nutrition on pycnidium formation in Phyllosticta antirrhini. Mycologia 69:349-354.

    Instructional Scholarly Activities

    • Maiello, J. M. 2005. Mycology Laboratory Manual. 149pp.
    • Maiello. J.M. 2005. Text. Mycology: Condensed for Biology and Premedical Students. 225pp.