Profile: Jamie Lew

Associate Professor of Sociology

Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Global Urban Studies/Urban Systems Ph.D.

Jamie Lew is associate professor of sociology at Rutgers—Newark. Her research area includes sociology of education, immigration and international migration, race and ethnicity. Her research examines how ethnic and social networks impact social mobility and identities of children of immigrants in changing urban and suburban contexts. She has also worked in the field of international development, education reform, and refugee programs in various countries in Asia.

She is the author of Asian Americans in Class: Charting the Achievement Gap Among Korean American Youths (Teachers College Press, 2006). By using Korean Americans as a case study, this book examines how stratifying forces of class, race, and school impact academic achievement among 1.5- and second-generation Asian American youths in urban context. Comparing experiences of low- and high-achieving Asian American students, the findings challenge model minority stereotype and highlight the significance of structural resources that all children need in order to achieve academically. Her current research focuses on how immigration and changing demographics affect urban and suburban schools as they relate to school achievement, race relations, and education reform policies.

  • Associated Programs

    Graduate Program in Division of Global Affairs
    Graduate Program in Peace and Conflict Studies
    Graduate Program in Urban Systems
    Center for the Migration and Global Cities
    Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights
    International Institute for Peace

  • Courses Taught

    Graduate Level

    Globalization, International Migration, & Contemporary Cities (Urban Systems, Ph.D. Program)
    Immigration Then and Now: Culture, Race, Politics of Identity (American Studies, Ph.D. Program)
    Research Methods: Doctoral Seminar (Urban Systems, Ph.D. Program)
    Sociology of Urban Education (Urban Systems, Ph.D. Program)

    Undergraduate Level

    Honors College Seminar: Asian American Studies
    Issues in Urban Education
    Philosophy of Education
    School and Society
    Social Foundations of Education
    Social Inequality: Immigration, Race, Ethnicity
    Social Issues in Classroom
    Sociology of Education
    Teaching in Urban Schools
    Topics in Education
    Topics in Sociology: Asian American Communities and Populations
    Urban Sociology

  • Education

    Ph.D., Comparative Education and Sociology, Columbia University

  • Publications


    Lew, J. & Magno, C., Eds. (under review). “Pakistan National Education Reform in Global Context: Lessons from School Research & International Development” University of Oxford Press, London, UK.

    Lew, J. (2006). “Asian Americans in Class: Charting the Achievement Gap Among Korean American Youth” Teachers College Press, New York, NY.

    Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

    Lew, J. (2013). “Asian American Children and Poverty: Multicultural Education Context” in Banks, J.,

                *Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education*, SAGE publications.

    Lew, J. (2010). “Asian American Youth in Poverty: Benefits and Limitations of Ethnic Networks in Postsecondary and Labor Force Options”

                *Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, *  Vol. 35 (1 & 2), pp. 127-143.

    Lew, J. (2010). “Insider and Outsider: Reflexivity and Intersubjectivity in Ethnography,” In K. Scott and W. Blanchett, *Research in Urban Educational Settings: Lessons Learned and Implications for Future Practice*, Information Age Publishing.

    Lew, J. (2010). “Keeping the American Dream Alive: Model Minority Discourse of Asian American Children,” In S. Tozer, S. Gallegos, & Henry A., *Handbook of Research in the Social Foundations of Education*, Routledge.

    Lew, J. (2007). “A Structural Analysis of Success and Failure of Asian Americans: A Case of Korean Americans in Urban Schools,” *Teachers College Record*, Vol. 109 (2), pp. 369-390.

    Lew, J. (2007). “Asian American Identities: Intersection of Class, Race, Schools,” In A.R. Sadovnik, *Sociology of Education: A Critical Reader*, Routledge, 2007. [reprint of *The Urban Review* article]

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    Lew, J. (2004). “The ‘Other’ Story of Model Minorities: Korean American High School Dropouts in an Urban Context,” *Anthropology and Education Quarterly, *Vol. 35 (3), pp. 297-311.

    Lew, J. (2003). “Korean American High School Dropouts: A Case Study of Their Experiences and Negotiations of Schooling, Family, and Communities,” In Sue Books, (Ed.), *Invisible Children in the Society and its Schools, *Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 53-66.

    Lew, J. (2003). “(Re) Construction of Second-Generation Ethnic Networks: Structuring Academic Success of Korean American High School Students,” In C. C. Parks, S. J. Lee and A. L. Goodwin (Eds.), *Research on the Education of Asian Pacific Americans*, Vol. II. Information Age Publishing, pp. 157-176.

    Johnson H. & Lew, J. (2005). “Learning to Talk: Reflections on the First-Year Faculty Seminar,” In M. F. Holzer and S. Noppe-Brandon (Eds.), *Community in the Making: Lincoln Center Institute, the Arts, and Teacher Education,* Teachers College Press, pp. 77-86.

    Reports and Other Publications

    Lew, J. (2002).“The Truth Behind the Model Minority,” May 2002, *YWCA Newsletter* of the City of New York Flushing Branch.

    Lew, J. (1995). “Asian American Heritage: A Resource Guide for Teachers,” 1995, *New York City Board of Education.* Tractenberg, P. et al. (2004).“Tough Choices: Setting the Stage for Informed, Objective Deliberation on School Choice,” Institute on Education Law and Policy* (Contributed Research to this Report,

    Under Review and Works in Progress

    Lew, J. (in progress) “Changing Race Relations in Suburban Schools: How is Immigration Reframing Black and White Segregation” book manuscript.

    Lew, J. (in progress) “Children of Immigrants in Suburban Schools: Implications for Education Reform & Policy”

  • Research Initiatives

    Current Research: School achievement and identities of children of immigrants. Race relations and cultural contact in educational institutions of urban and suburban contexts. Social network analysis of immigrant communities and ethnic enclaves. Comparative study of education policy on immigration and globalization.

  • Awards

    Awards, Honors & Fellowships

    2004-2005 Visiting Scholar, Asian Pacific American Studies Program and Institute, New York University

    2002 National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education School and Staffing Survey Database Training Seminar, June 24-27

    1998-2000 Graduate Fellowship, Columbia University

    1993 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute 20th Century Documentary Photography in American Studies, Temple University, July-August

    1988-1989 Fellows in Teaching, Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship, Columbia University

  • Expertise

    2011-2013            *Senior International Advisor for Research, Pre-service Teacher Education Program *

    *in Pakistan (Pre-STEP)*

                            Islamabad, Pakistan

    Advise and develop education research projects being conducted and implemented by universities in Pakistan. Working with over 45 universities and nonprofit organizations in Pakistan, this international project oversees teacher education and policy research projects being conducted by professors and educators in Pakistan education system. The program also developed and coordinated an international conference in August 2013 hosting over 200 speakers and presenters on empirical research on education reform in Pakistan and countries in Asia. This is part of a larger education reform effort in partnership with U.S. AID, EDC, and Teachers College, Columbia University.

    2004            *Education Specialist, Mongolian Foundation for Open Society of Soros Foundation, *

    Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia

    Developed Education Program for teachers, administrators, professors on education reform, curriculum development, and policy implementation. Part of a larger educational project with Soros Foundation, Mongolian Department of Education, and Teachers College, Columbia University (January).

    1998-2000           *Policy Coordinator, Asian American Federation of New York, *New York, NY

    Coordinated national Census 2000 policy implementation in partnership with National Urban League and Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund. Mobilized the National Asian American Task Force on Census 2000. Organized political participation and civic education program for immigrant and minority communities in New York and Tri-state area.

    1995-1997            *Special Assistant to Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District*, SF, CA

    Acted as a liaison to the superintendent and district officers. Supervised and evaluated district Pre K-12 language education programs and policy implementation. Trained and mentored Pre K-12th grade teachers on bilingual education, Korean-English immersion program, and provided technical assistance to parents and communities.

    1996                 *Consultant, Taegu Korean School District*,

    Taegu, Korea

    Provided teacher training for English language teachers (Pre K-12). Taught teachers and administrators on curriculum implementation. Developed curriculum for the office of the Superintendent (June-August).

    1994-1995           *Consultant, The Board of Education of the City of New York,* New York, NY

    Evaluated NYC multicultural K-12 curriculum. Developed *Asian American Heritage* (K-12) *Curriculum. *Wrote teachers manual on multicultural education.

    1994-1995            *Curriculum Developer, Yale University, East Rock Institute,* New Haven, CT

    Trained teachers, parents, and administrators in curriculum development Developed Curriculum on Korean History and Culture and presented at national conferences.

    1993-1994            *Program Associate, The Asia Society,* New York, NY

    Coordinated and managed the “*National Youth Identity Conference*.” Wrote grant proposals for international education programs. Researched, wrote, and developed education projects on Asia.