Discussions on Diversity

New Jersey State Police Cultural Awareness Training:

In 2004, at the behest of the New Jersey State Attorney General, the Institute mounted several cultural awareness sessions for all 2,700 members of the New Jersey State Police. The sessions arose from a consent decree issued by a New Jersey district judge in December 1999. That decree was the settlement of a lawsuit alleging racial profiling brought against the state police, the State of New Jersey and the N.J. Department of Law and Public Safety by then U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. This was the first time in the three-year-old program in cultural education that a single university was given sole responsibility for teaching all the cultural-awareness courses to the entire force.  


Community, Diversity and Public Service for EMS Professionals at University Hospital-UMDNJ

The Institute mounted a Colloquia Series on Community, Diversity and Public Service for EMS professionals at University Hospital-UMDNJ.  These sessions explored new insights into the concept of race and ethnicity, and examined demographic changes within the metropolitan area and the communities served by the UH-EMS Department. The Series was also designed to engage a conversation between EMS professionals and Rutgers University scholars who are conversant with the evolution of race relations in American society and its influence over time in public life. The Series explored challenges facing the public service sector in urban communities, including but not limited to the UH-EMS Department.

The sessions were organized into groups of EMS professionals who discussed what is known and not known about race, ethnicity, demographic change in New Jersey and how these factors impact the public service role and the image of EMS and Paramedics in urban communities.