The Gustav Heningburg Civic Fellows Program

The Gustav Heningburg Civic Fellows Program

The Institute established the Heningburg Civic Fellows program in 2004 and again in 2006 and 2010, as a resource for Newark’s civic leaders who are deeply involved in the city’s revitalization. The program honors Gustav Heningburg, one of the most influential and inspiring civic leaders in Newark, and examined the question, “Why Newark Matters” through a series of colloquia developed to establish partnerships between Newark's civic leaders and distinguished scholars at Rutgers. The Fellows explored new ways to address some of the civic challenges and opportunities that face the city and to expand the University’s involvement in the city's renewal.

The Institute remembers Gus Heningburg

2010 Gustav Heningburg Civic Fellows:

2007 Gustav Heningburg Civic Fellows:

2003 Gustav Heningburg Civic Fellows: