Human Rights, Hate, and Mass Atrocity

A Graduate Symposium
Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights
December 12, 2017
Hill Hall 203


I. Charlottesville, Symbols, and Identity

Speaking in Symbols: Statues, Swastikas & the Relativity of Free Speech
Willa Culpepper
Division of Global Affairs

Identity and Difference in Charlottesville
Jane Roche
Division of Global Affairs


II. Human Rights and Mass Atrocity in Myanmar: The Rohingya

Nationalism in Myanmar: Justification for Mass Atrocity and Why it Matters in the U.S.
Rosalia Gambino
Division of Global Affairs

Crisis in the Rakhine State: Media, the West and Framing the Conflict
Gin Sanchez
Division of Global Affairs


III. Human Rights, Vernacularization, and Subversion

Vernacularizing a Counterinsurgent Justice in Colombia: The Political Uses of Accountability and Victimhood in a Transitional Justice Process
Andres Manuel Gonzalez
Department of Anthropology

Dismantling the Fairy Tale: Subversion, Empowerment, and Women’s Rights
Jina Lee
Department of American Studies