How to Apply

Looking for a shadowing or internship opportunity in the law or the health care field?

Simply follow these four steps in order to apply on RaiderNet, a job portal for Rutgers University-Newark students offered by the Career Development Center.


1. Log on to your RaiderNet account with your RU ID and password.

2. Attend a walk-in period to get your resume reviewed by the Career Development Center (CDC) in Hill 313 or Hill 112. No appointment necessary.

3. After making the edits suggested by a career counselor, upload your revised resume to your RaiderNet account.

4. A career counselor will review your resume and either "approve" your resume or e-mail you with revisions to your resume.

*Resumes must be “approved" by a career counselor in order to apply for positions. Meaning, there must be no errors and your resume must follow the guidelines set forth by the Career Development Center.


  • If your resume status says "approved"-- you may apply to the job posting.
  • If your resume status says "declined"-- you must make the suggested edits from a career counselor to your resume. Upload your resume again and await feedback from a career counselor. Continue doing so until your resume status says "approved".


Note: It is strongly recommended to attend another walk-in period after your first revision to your resume in order to expediite the resume approval process.