Profile: Harold Siegel

Professor I and Chair

Department of Psychology

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  • Education

    Ph.D, Rutgers University

  • Publications


    Reich, W.A., Amit, U. & Siegel, H.I. 2009. Perception of self and others in male sex offenders against children: Schema content and its relation to criminal sexual behavior. Journal of Sexual Aggression, in press.

    Reich, W.A., Harber, K.D., & Siegel, H.I. 2008. Self-structure and well- being in life transitions. Self and Identity, 7:129-150.

    Reich, W.A., Silbert-Mazzarella, B.A., Spencer, J.A., & Siegel, H.I. (2005). Self-structure and postpartum dejection in first-time mothers. Journal of Psychology, 139: 426-438.

    Reich, W.A. & Siegel, H.I. (2002). Attachment style, ego development, and exploratory interest in university students. Asian Journal of Social Psychology 5: 125-134.

    Reich, W.A., Tuskenis, A.D., Slutzky, A.W., & Siegel, H.I. (2000). Combining idiographic and nomothetic methods in the study of internal working models. Personal Relationships 7: 165-183.

  • Research Initiatives

    Our Attachment and Social Relations Lab is currently investigating a number of topics concerning the relationships between attachment patterns and the following: pedophilia, jury decision making, the explicit and implicit measurement of anger and anxiety, exercises to increase security, various aspects of college student functioning, risky sexual behavior, adult romantic and non-romantic relationships, and attitudes toward own mother and women in Asian Indian families in India and in the U.S.