Graduation Honors


Earning a bachelor’s degree with honors is a tremendous accomplishment! Students who earn this distinction will be given an honor cord(s) or medallion to wear to Commencement. Honor cords/Medallions will be distributed during Senior Week. The honors designation will also be noted on your final transcripts and degree. Honors will be awarded to graduates who have a cumulative Grade Point Average as follows:


Cum laude

3.500 - 3.699

Magna cum laude

3.700 - 3.849

Summa cum laude

3.850 - 4.000


Honors at Commencement

Honor status will be displayed on the main screen as your name is called during the Commencement Ceremony and listed in the Commencement program. For May candidates: This will be based on your current completed GPA – not including spring grades. After the Commencement Ceremony your GPA will be recalculated with your spring grades and if you qualify for honors it will be noted on your final transcript and diploma.