Graduates & Associates

Postdoctoral Associates

Junming Liu
Junming Liu received his BS from the School of Gifted Young at USTC. He is a Presidential Fellow at Rutgers and is studying laser spectroscopy.
Awards: Presidential Fellowship 2012 Publications: 1,2 Conf.+Workshops: 1 Advisor: Daniel Murnick
Photo of Emily Ulanski
Dr. Emily Ulanski
Dr. Ulanski came from Union College with a BS in physics and has been studying surface interaction of spin polarized alkali (Rb) atoms. 
PhD Thesis proposal: Interaction of spin polarized Rb atoms with nuclear spin polarized surfaces.
Advisor: Zhen Wu
Publications: 1
Photo of Hua Yao Wu
Dr. Hua Yao Wu 
Dr. Wu received his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University in 2005.  He became an expert on macroscopic quantum effects of QED and graduated with a PhD in theoretical Applied Physics in May 2014.
PhD Thesis proposal: Roughness Corrections to Casimir Energies
Advisor: Martin Schaden
Publications: 1
Conf.+Workshops: 1,2,3,4
Dr. Karina Schäfer
Postdoctoral Associate
Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Ecology, Department of Biological Sciences
Diploma in Biology, University of Bayreuth, Germany, 1997. Ph.D., Duke University, 2002. Dr. Schäfer's primary research interests lie in the realm of global change and its effects on terrestrial ecosystems. To this point, her research has focused on refining carbon budgets of forest ecosystems through sapflow based canopy conductance. 
Phone: 973-353-1851
Office: 431 Boyden Hall, Rutgers-Newark
Photo of Dr. Kuloth V. Shajesh
Dr. Kuloth V. Shajesh
Postdoctoral Associate, 7/2010 - 2/2012
Shajesh received his Ph.D. from University of Oklahoma in 2008. He was a student of Dr. Kimball Milton and collaborated with Martin Schaden (RU-N) on Casimir effects. He is an expert in quantum electrodynamics with a research emphasis on Casimir effects. Shajesh currently is a lecturer of Southern Illinois University.
Photo of Dr. Erhan Ilkmen
Dr. Erhan Ilkmen 
BA, Ph.D, Postdoctoral Associate, 9/2001 - 9/2011
After receiving his undergraduate degree in Applied Physics here at Rutgers-Newark, Erhan continued his studies towards Ph.D. degree and as a postdoctoral associate under the supervision of Prof. Murnick.  His work focused on developing a new method for sensitive detection of radiocarbon (14C) using optogalvanic spectroscopy. He is currently a senior researcher at TUBITAK in Gebze, Kocaeli where he is helping establish the first Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory in Turkey.
Dr. Kaifeng Zhao
Postdoctoral Associate, 1/2005 - 3/2009
Ph.D student 1/1998 - 1/2005
Kaifeng was a Ph.D. student of Dr. Zhen Wu. During his postdoc period, he collaborated with Martin Schaden and Zhen Wu on the study of atomic magnetometer and edge-enhancement of atomic spin resonance at anti-relaxation coating surface. He currently is an associate professor at the Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University, China.
Dr. Manfred Salvermoser
Postdoctoral Associate 9/1998 - 4/2006
Collaborated with Prof. D. E. Murnick  (RU-N). 
Manfred earned his PhD studying heavy ion beam pumped excimer laser schemes at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.  At Rutgers, Dr. Salvermoser developed discharge based, highly efficient UV excimer lamps.  Dr. Salvermoser is currently working at Xylem Services, in Herford, Germany, improving yields of modern Ozone generators. He enjoys physics, dirt-bikes, spending time with his wife and daughter, karate and capoeira. 

Other Associates

Photo of Valentin Mader
Valentin Mader
Visiting graduate student from January to June 2013
Collaborated with Martin Schaden (RU-N) and Daniel Zwanziger (NYU). Valentin is a graduate student in theoretical physics of Dr. Reinhard Alkofer at the University of Graz in Austria. He visited our department for six months to complete research on the Kugo-Ojima Confinement criterion in non-abelian gauge theories. Valentin defends his thesis in March 2014.  He enjoys physics, bikes, hamburgers and New York. 
Jordan Kent-Bryant 
Mr. Kent-Bryan​t received a BS in Physics from Cornell University in 2012.  He earned a MS degree in Applied Physics and is currently an employee of SciTec in Princeton, NJ.  
Master Thesis: An Algorithm generating Hulls of closed Random Walks.
Advisor: Martin Schaden