Frequently Offered Courses

Introduction to American Studies
Ruth Feldstein

Literature of the Great Depression
Barbara Foley

Globalization and Cities
Jamie Lew

Topics in Race, Ethnicity, and Modern Society: Race, Class, Gender, and Migration: Research and Inquiry
Sherri-ann Butterfield

American Literature Since 1990
Sterling Bland

Readings in African American History: Slavery and Reconstruction
Clement Price

Topics in American Studies: The Vietnam War and American Culture, 1945-2009
H. Bruce Franklin

Urban Government and Politics
Mara Sidney

Feminist Theory
Frances Bartkowski

Urban Education Systems
Alan Sadovnik

Jazz Historiography
Lewis Porter

Graduate Topics II: Miles Davis / Wayne Shorter
Lewis Porter

Research Seminar in American Studies: Newark and New York City Since 1945
Robert Snyder

Culture and Science: History of American Medicine: Aids in America
Stephen Pemberton

Topics in Caribbean Literature: The Colonial Caribbean
Belinda Edmondson

Topics in Environmental History
Neil Maher

Race, Ethnicity, and U.S. Politics
Mara Sidney

Critical Theories: Marxist
Barbara Foley

Jazz and Film (+ Piano Styles)
Lewis Porter

Crime & Punishment
Bruce Franklin

American Diplomatic History
Susan Carruthers

Poetics of History
James Goodman

Topics in Urban Cultures: "New York Since 1945:
A Social and Cultural History"
Robert Synder

American Lit to 1900
Sterling Bland

Politics, History & The Arts
Alex Motyl

Charlie Parker
Henry Martin

American Drama
Gabriel Miller

African American History
Clement Price

Wealth & Poverty in Latin America
Karen Caplan

Ornette Coleman / Charles Mingus
Lewis Porter

Topics in American Studies II "Public Scholarship in the Urban Context: The Artist as Public Scholar"
Tim Raphael

Narrating Race: Research Seminar in Race and American Studies
Ruth Feldstein

American Literature Since 1900
Barbara Foley

Policy Making in the American Political System
Jamie Lew

Topics in Women and Literature: Gender, Race and the Holocaust
Frances Bartkowski

Public History
Clement Price

Law & Public Policy
Elizabeth Hull

Topics in American Studies: Immigration and Performance
Kimberly Holton

Topics in Literature
David Hoddeson

Topics in Literature: War Stories
Janet Larson

Critical Theories: Hybridity and the African Diaspora
Belinda Edmondson

Studies in American Literature (African American Prose)
Sterling Bland

Topics in World History: Evolution of the Global System
Susan Carruthers

The Social History of American Medicine Since 1800
Stephen Pemberton

Feminist Theory: History and Theory of Women’s Studies
Frances Bartkowski

Colloquium in the History of Women
Beryl Satter

Technology, Culture & History
Richard Sher

Literature of Jazz
John Howland

Topics in Political Theory: Modern Political Terrorism
Norman Samuels

Immigration in USA
Jamie Lew

The Making of Race in Latin America, 1492 to the Present
Karen Caplan

Contemporary Political Thought: Social Movements and Globalization
Kurt Schock

Jazz and Race
Lewis Porter