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Professor and Director, English Graduate Program

Department of English


Gabriel Miller has been teaching modern drama and film at Rutgers since 1980, while also chairing the English department for eleven years. He has written and edited books on Martin Ritt, Fred Zinnemann, Clifford Odets, John Irving, and Daniel Fuchs in addition to publishing articles on Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Elia Kazan, Arthur Miller, Eugene O'Neill, Edward Albee and others. He is currently writing a bio-critical study of film director William Wyler.

  • Courses Taught

    Advanced Composition
     Literary Masterpieces                                             
    Introduction to Fiction
    Survey of American Literature
    Survey of Drama from Oedipus to the Present
    Modern Drama (two-semester course)
    American Drama
    The American-Jewish Novel
    The American Novel: Realism & Naturalism
    Film Theory and Criticism
    Film History
    Literature & Film
    Film Genre: The Gangster/Detective Film
    Film Genre: The Western
    The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
    Film, Literature & the Holocaust
    Closed Film Structures: Honors Colloquium
    Introduction to Film Genre: Honors Seminar

    The American-Jewish Novel
    Southern Fiction
    Film Genre: Film Noir/The Gangster Film
    Studies in Modern Drama
    Studies in Film Directors: Alfred Hitchcock
    Studies in American Drama

  • Education

    Ph.D. in English, 1975
    Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

    B.A. in English (with minor in Drama), 1970
    Queens College of the City University of New York

  • Publications

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    WORK IN PROGRESS:                     
    Odets in Hollywood (book-length study of noted playwright’s career in Hollywood).

    WILLIAM WYLER'S AMERICA forthcoming 2012

  • Expertise

    Deputy Chair 2004-6 TO 2004-2010

    Modern Drama, American Drama 
    History and Theory of Film
    American Literature (emphasis on fiction)

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