Fall 2016 Graduate Course Syllabi

Note: The syllabi below are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Syllabus
26:510:533:01 Topics in American Hist: Race & Labor in the Americas Chang Link
26:510:543:01 Topics World History: WWII in Asia Asen Link
26:510:551:01 Am Intell& Cult History:
Introduction to American Studies
Feldstein Link
26:510:552:02 American Intellecutal & Cultural History:
American Art & Its Publics
Krasovic Link
26:510:565:01 Public History: Place, Community, & Public Humanities Rizzo Link
26:510:586:01 American Immigration History Diner Link
48:510:657:01 Topics in Envrionmental Hist: Food & Society in America Maher Link