Fall 2013

American Studies Courses


26:050:501:01 Intro to American Studies, M 5:30-8:10PM, CON-233, Stewart-Winter, Email- timsw@andromeda.rutgers.edu.

Description: TBA

26:050:510:01 Imigration in the USA, T 5:30-8:10PM, CON-447, Diner, Email- sdiner@andromeda.rutgers.edu 

Description: This course examines the history of immigration to cities and urban areas of the United States since the nineteenth century. It will consider the causes of immigration, the social, cultural and economic adaptation of various groups, return migration, the significance of race, the varied experience of different immigrant groups, the development of ethnic group identities, changing American policy and attitudes towards immigrants and ethnic groups , and the impact of immigration and ethnicity  on American society and culture. Class will consist of weekly discussions of assigned books. Students will be required to write an essay on the historiography of a particular immigrant group, a specific time period, some aspect of the immigrant experience, the impact of immigration on a particular city or how immigration has shaped America’s economy, political system, social institutions or culture.


26:050:521 Topics in American Studies I: Race and Empire, W 5:00-7:40PM, CON-233, Lomas, Email- llomas@andromeda.rutgers.edu.

Description: This reading intensive course will examine the production of race and racism both within and outside the United States. Drawing from history, anthropology, and ethnic, cultural and postcolonial studies, we will study how race was defined and constructed, trace its shifting and changing character, probe its internal logic and contradictions, and track the political, cultural, and social work it has and continues to perform especially in service to nation and empire. The readings will be comparative/relational in two ways: showing us how groups and individuals were differently racialized and how race articulated with and reinforced (and was reinforced) by other forms of social difference including class, gender, and sexuality.


26:050:595:01 Individual Studies in Amer Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:598:01 MA Essay Ameican Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:619:01 Internship Amer. Studies. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:701:01 Dissertation Research. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:800:01 Matriculation Cont'd. Hrs By Arr, Staff


26:050:877:01 Teaching Assistant, Hrs By Arr, Staff


Relevant Courses in Other Departments

The following Fall 2013 courses has been identified as appropriate for students enrolling in the American Studies Program. See departmental listings for times, instructors and prerequisites.

26:350:553  Science Fiction

26:510:525  Colloquium on the History of Women: Research Seminar on U.S. Women’s and Gender History

26:510:533  Topics in American History: Slavery and Freedom in American History

26:510:537  Topics in American History: History of Urban Education in the United States

26:510:552  American Intellectual and Cultural History: The American Modern and Postmodern

To register for the following NJIT course, simply complete a NJIT Cross Registration Form available at http://registrars.rutgers.edu/NW/NJIT-Cross RegForm2-16Apr2012.pdf and email it to history@neark.rutgers.edu.

48:510:626  Social History of American Medicine Since 1800 - NJIT Course

26:561:501  Historiography I - ONLINE COURSE!

21:790: 409  Law & public Policy - student must do extra work to get graduate credit  
21:790: 463  The VietNam Experience
- student must do extra work to get graduate credit

26:790:512  Ethical Issues in Public Policy and Administration

26:790:515  Urban Government & Politics