Eren, Turkey

PALS–Feel the Difference

When I was in my country, I only wanted one thing, which was to go to the U.S. and have a college degree.  At that time, I was thinking that choosing a school was not important for me, I could learn English wherever I went.  I was wrong.  Education is one of the most important key to one’s future and it is very important where you get the education you want.  Rutgers is one of the best universities in the U.S. and I strongly recommend foreign students to choose their school very carefully.  At Rutgers-Newark, the PALS instructors are friendly and they spend all of their time teaching you English in every possible way.  They sometimes push too hard :) but otherwise you can not learn anything.  There are students from many different countries and while you study English, you have incredible experiences with your new friends.  I will definitely go back for my Master’s degree.

Turkiye’den Amerika’ya gelmeden once tek dusundugum Amerika’ya gidip bir an once Ingilizce ogrenmeye baslamakti.  Ama seciceginiz okul o kadar onemliki Amerika’da yasaminizi bile konustugunuz Ingilizce yonlendirebilir!  Bu sebepten dolayi Rutgers-Newark seciminizi yaparken ilk siralarda olmali.  Hocalar cok iyi ve canayakin.  Bir cok milletten ogrenciler burda Ingilizce ogreniyor.