Eison De Guzman, BA/MD Program

I was born in New York and my family eventually moved to Virginia where I began elementary school. I attended high school at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School in Richmond, VA, where I participated in tennis and piano competitions. In addition to being captain of the tennis team, I competed in tournaments outside of school. As an avid reader, I have been volunteering at my local library every summer shelving books, creating pamphlets, and arranging holds to be picked up. I value the library and its system of staff and volunteers that keep putting books into the hands of children and adults.

I have witnessed the magnitude of physician-patient interaction by volunteering at two hospitals and shadowing a physician. Throughout my senior year in high school, I rotated among different departments at a hospital, including the wound healing center, physical therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and radiology. At the same time, I worked towards a research paper concerning the effectiveness of negative pressure wound therapy versus that of standard wound care therapy based on the percent of reepithelialization and amount of granulation tissue formation on diabetic foot ulcers.  These experiences convinced me of my goal to reach medical school. Therefore, I am very fortunate and grateful to be accepted into this BA/MD program offered jointly between Rutgers-Newark and the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (RNJMS).

Being able to be a part of both the Honors program as well as the BA/MD program at Rutgers-Newark was the opportunity I was looking for—one with great potential. The BA/MD program not only challenges students with pre-med curriculum but also places them in the Honors College. This will further increase the scope of knowledge that students will gain from the program. The BA/MD program also helps students focus on their eventual goal of obtaining a medical degree, including shadowing and conducting research along the way. I am especially fascinated by the diverse student population at Rutgers-Newark. Studying at the nation’s most diverse university will surely provide me with the experiences of working with many other people from different backgrounds, something that other schools cannot offer.

Throughout my years in the BA/MD program, I plan to shadow physicians and volunteer in other departments at RNJMS. Furthermore, I want to work with professors to find suitable topics in order to conduct appropriate research projects. These experiences will me make a successful transition from Rutgers-Newark to RNJMS.