The Political Science Department of Rutgers University-Newark is delighted to invite applications for the Walter F. Weiker Scholarship, honoring our late colleague and supported in large part by the generosity of the Weiker family.

The Weiker Scholarship, it is anticipated, will provide $1000 to a new or continuing graduate student at Rutgers University-Newark either in Political Science or in the Center for Global Change and Governance (CGCG).  Beginning with Political Science in 2001, the Scholarship will alternate each year between the two programs.  Selecting the student to receive the Scholarship will fall to the current director of the respective graduate program, normally in the spring or summer, for use in the academic year beginning in the fall.  The graduate director should seek advice in the selection process, as practicable, from his/her colleagues and Weiker family members.

Applications must include:

  1. a curriculum vitae:

  2. a discussion of future plans for graduate study;

  3. a brief explanation of the reasons why the applicant believes he/she should received the Scholarship.                            

Undergraduate seniors who are definitely going to graduate school in Fall to study Political Science are eligible to apply.