Faculty Working Papers




WP2017-003: "Do Bank Shocks Hamper Firms’ Innovation?" (PDF)

by Mariana Spatareanu, Vlad Manole and Ali Kabiri


WP2017-002: "Storm Surges, Informational Shocks, and the Price of Urban Real Estate: An Application to the Case of Hurricane Sandy" (PDF)

by Jason Barr, Jeffrey P. Cohen and Eon Kim





WP2016-005: "Exports and Bank Shocks: Evidence from Matched Firm-Bank Data" (PDF)

by Mariana Spatareanu, Vlad Manole and Ali Kabiri


WP2016-004: "How does Stalemate Affect Military Spending? Theory and Evidence" (PDF)

by Raul Caruso and Jun Xiang


WP2016-003: " Sovereign risk and deposit dynamics: evidence from Europe " (PDF)

by David Grigorian and Vlad Manole


WP2016-002: " Financing Innovation through Minority Acquisitions " (PDF)

by Ibrahim Bostan and Mariana Spatareanu


WP2016-001: " Bank Distress and Firm Performance during the Great Recession - Evidence from Ireland" (PDF)

by Mariana Spatareanu, Vlad Manole and Ali Kabiri



WP2015-004: "Keeping the Devil in the Details: A Feasible Approach to Aggregating Trade Distortions" (PDF)

by Vlad Manole and Will Martin


WP2015-003: "Indexes of Linkedin member rates by college or university" (PDF)

by Douglas Coate and Sumeet Mehra


WP2015-002: "What’s Manhattan Worth? A Land Values Index from 1950 to 2013" (PDF)

by Jason Barr, Fred Smith and Sayali Kulkarni


WP2015-001: "For the Love of the Game: The Length of Athletic Careers in Ivy League Sports and the Title IX Controversy" (PDF)

by Douglas Coate and James Vanderhoff



WP2014-005: "Population Density across the City: The Case of 1900 Manhattan" (PDF)

by Jason Barr and Teddy Ort


WP2014-004: "Investment Climate, Foreign Networks and Exporting - Evidence from Africa" (PDF)

by Vlad Manole and Mariana Spatareanu


WP2014-003: "FDI Technological Spillovers and Access to Credit" (PDF)

by Vlad Manole and Mariana Spatareanu


WP2014-002: "The Dynamics of Subcenter Formation: Midtown Manhattan, 1861-1906" (PDF)

by Jason Barr and Troy Tassier


WP2014-001: "Women of Asian Descent in Ivy League Golf, 1999–2013" (PDF)

by Douglas Coate and Chih-Sheng Chen



WP2013-006: "Selection into Occupations and the Intergenerational Socioeconomic Mobility of Daughters and Sons" (PDF)

by Julia M. Schwenkenberg


WP2013-005: "Determinants of Immigrant Homeownership: Examining their Changing Role during the Great Recession and Beyond" (PDF)

by Kusum Mundra and Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere


WP2013-004: "Housing Quality Gap for Minorities and Immigrants in the U.S.: Evidence from the 2009 American Housing Survey" (PDF)

by Kusum Mundra and Amarendra Sharma


WP2013-003: "Driving Distance on the PGA and LPGA Tours, 1993-2012" (PDF)

by Douglas Coate


WP2013-002: "Why Do Charter Schools Fail? - An Analysis of Charter School Survival in New Jersey" (PDF)

by Julia Schwenkenberg and James VanderHoff


WP2013-001: "Minority and Immigrant Homeownership Experience: Evidence from the 2009 American Housing Survey" (PDF)

by Kusum Mundra



WP2012-003: "Immigration and Trade Creation for the U.S.: Role of Immigrant Occupation" (PDF)

by Kusum Mundra


WP2012-002: "Economic Diversity, Racial Diversity and Religious Contributions" (PDF)

by James VanderHoff

WP2012-001: "The Effects of International Dyadic Events on Interstate Dispute" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie and Scott Y. Lin


WP2011-004: "Skyscraper Height and the Business Cycle: International Time Series Evidence" (PDF)

by Jason Barr, Bruce Mizrach and Kusum Mundra

WP2011-003: "Survival Function Estimates for Senior Tour Golfers " (PDF)

by Douglas Coate and Julia Schwenkenberg

WP2011-002: "Skyscrapers and Skylines: New York and Chicago, 1885-2007" (PDF)

by Jason Barr

WP2011-001: "Determining Fair Values Using Options Contracts" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie


WP2010-008: "Revisiting Elasticities of Substitution" (PDF)

by Kusum Mundra and R. Robert Russell

WP2010-007: "Immigrant Networks and the U.S. Bilateral Trade: the Role of Immigrant Income" (PDF)

by Kusum Mundra

WP2010-006: "Legalization and Immigrant Homeownership: Evidence from Spain" (PDF)

by Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Kusum Mundra

WP2010-005: "Disaster and Recovery: The Public and Private Sectors in the Aftermath of the 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco" (PDF)

by Douglas Coate

WP2010-004: "Shareholder Protection, Ownership Concentration and FDI" (PDF)

by Vahe Lskavyan and Mariana Spatareanu

WP2010-003: "Foreign Direct Investment and Labor Rights: A Panel Analysis of Bilateral FDI Flows" (PDF)

by Matthias Busse, Peter Nunnenkamp and Mariana Spatareanu

WP2010-002: "Knowledge Spillovers and the Timing of Foreign Entry" (PDF)

by Bruno Merlevede, Koen Schoors and Mariana Spatareanu

WP2010-001: "Openness of the Economy, Terms of Trade and Arms" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie


"Social Engagement and Student Body Diversity at Elite American Colleges" (PDF)

by Sharissa Barrow and Douglas Coate

"Bedrock Depth and the Formation of the Manhattan Skyline, 1890-1915" (PDF)

by Jason Barr, Troy Tassier and Rossen Trendafilov

"Exporting, Capital Investment and Financial Constraints" (PDF)

by Vlad Manole and Mariana Spatareanu

"Tough Love: Do Czech Suppliers Learn from Their Relationships with Multinationals?" (PDF)

by Beata S. Javorcik and Mariana Spatareanu

"The Effects of County Population Diversity on Contributions, Membership, and Adherents in the Presbyterian Religion and on Adherence in Mainline Protestant Religions" (PDF

by Douglas Coate and Jim Vanderhoff

"Trade Openness and Income – a Re-examination" (PDF)

by Vlad Manole and Mariana Spatareanu

"A Bayesian and Classical Econometric Evaluation of the Effect of Cell Phones on Motor Vehicle Fatality Rates" (PDF)

by Richard Fowles, Peter D. Loeb, and Wm. A. Clarke

"Military Spending in an Open Economy" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie


"Liquidity Constraints and Linkages with Multinationals" (PDF)

by Beata S. Javorcik and Mariana Spatareanu

"Assessing the Geographic Distribution of Same Sex and Opposite Sex Couples across the United States:  Implications for Claims of Causality between Traditional Marriage and Same Sex Unions" (PDF)

by John W. Graham and Jason Barr

"Market Efficiency in the Baseball Betting Market: The Case of Pete Rose" (PDF)

by Douglas Coate

Skyscraper Height” (PDF)

by Jason Barr

Black-White Appreciation of Owner Occupied Homes in Upper Income Suburban Integrated Communities: The Cases of Maplewood and Montclair, New Jersey” (PDF)

by Douglas Coate and Richard Schwester


Charter School Performance in New Jersey” (PDF)

by Jason Barr

Parental Valuation of Charter Schools and Student Performance” (PDF)

by Jim Vanderhoff

Host Country’s Governance and the Size of Foreign Investors” (PDF)

by Vahe Lskavyan and Mariana Spatareanu

The Impact of Cell Phones and BAC Laws on Motor Vehicle Fatality Rates ” (PDF)

by Peter Loeb, William Clark and Richard Anderson

Skyscrapers and the Skyline: Manhattan, 1895-2004” (PDF)

by Jason Barr

Segregation and Strategic Neighborhood Interaction” (PDF)

by Jason Barr and Troy Tassier

"Economic Costs and Consequences of War" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie


"Migrant Networks and Foreign Direct Investment" (PDF)

by Beata S. Javorcik, Çaglar Özden, Mariana Spatareanu & Cristina Neagu

"A Comparison of District and Charter Schools for 4th and 8th Grades in Newark, New Jersey" (PDF)

by Jason Barr, Alan Sadovnik and Louisa Visconti

"To Share or Not To Share: Does Local Participation Matter for Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment?" (PDF)

by Beata S. Javorcik and Mariana Spatareanu

"Globalization and International Conflict: Can FDI Increase Cooperation Among Nations?" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie, Solomon W. Polachek, and Jun Xiang


"Challenges for Spanish Investments in the Energy Sector in Latin America" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie


"Cuba's Road to Serfdom" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie


"Altruism, Foreign Aid and Humanitarian Military Intervention" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie


"Economic Development in the Tropics: Fiction or Possibility" (PDF)

by Roger R. Betancourt and Carlos Seiglie


"Deficits, Defense and Income Redistribution" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie

"The Political Economy of Trade Sanctions: The Case of Cuba"

by Carlos Seiglie


"The Optimal Size of the Military in a Post-Castro Cuba" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie


"International Conflict and Military Expenditures: An Externality Approach" (PDF)

by Carlos Seiglie