375:602 Geographic Information System (GIS) Syllabus

Course Title: Geographic Information System/ Geologic Problems
Course Section: 26:375:602/21:460:325
Time and Place: Thursday. 6.00-9.00 PM, Smith Hall 127
Instructor: Sweeta Chauhan
Office: Smith Hall 142
Office Hours: Thursday 4.00-6.00 PM
Lab Book: GIS Tutorial: workbook for Arc View 9.3, Wilpen L. Gorr, and Kristen S. Kurland. Third Edition (ISBN 978-1-58948-205-0)
Reference Book: GIS Fundamentals: A first text on geographic information systems, 3nd edition, Paul Bolstad.

Course Overview:
This course is to give ample exposure to GIS software for visualizing, creating, managing, and analyzing geographic data. It provides the foundation for becoming an
ArcGIS user. You will learn fundamental GIS concepts and become familiar with the range of functionality available in ArcGIS. In course exercises, we will work with
ArcGIS and see how it provides a GIS software solution. This course is designed for those who are new to ArcGIS and to GIS in general.
Course Goals: Those completing this course will be able to 

  • Describe the structure of ArcGIS software.
  • Display geographic data.
  • Query a GIS database.
  • Edit geographic data.
  • Associate tables using joins and relates.
  • Create maps, reports, and graphs.

Course Format:

Brief introductory lectures will provide the basic information and background material to work on the labs; we will also discuss what was covered in the previous week. The main focus will be on class and homework assignments. As we proceed with the class the assignment will be designed exclusively based on your interest and progress in the class. You are  lso required to maintain personal lab notebook. Submission deadlines for every home work, lab assignments, and project are given on the first day of class. There is no late submission.