C.V for Theresa Hunt

Theresa Hunt

Humanities Department

New Jersey Institute of Technology

University Heights

Newark, NJ 07102






Rutgers University                Ph. D. in Global Affairs, ABD

                                                Expected completion: May 2012


Rutgers University                M.A. in English, May 2002


Rutgers University                B.A. in English and Secondary

                                                Education, magna cum laude, May 2000





Spring 2006-Present                HUM 101& 102: Reading, Writing, Speaking

University Lecturer,                HSS 403: Multiculturalism in Literature (eLearning)

Humanities and Social          HSS 403: Gender in Utopian Literature

Sciences                                  STS 342:  Gender and Technology

New Jersey Institute of           STS 257:  Technology, Society and Culture




Spring 2002-Present               Intro to Women’s Studies 201: The Humanities, Intro

Part-Time Lecturer,                 to Women’s Studies 202: The Social Sciences (eLearning),  

Women’s Studies                   Politics of Sexuality 325, Women In Literature 362, 

Rutgers University                  Individual Research in Women’s Studies 401


Fall 2001-Spring 2007            English Composition 101, English Composition 102,

Part-Time Lecturer,                 English 100, Communication Skills 142 & 143

Writing Program                  

Rutgers University


Fall 2001-Fall 2003                 English 101, English 102, Reading 097, ESL English 097

Adjunct, Humanities


Essex County College            








January-June 2008               Project Coordinator, Women in Engineering in Advanced New Jersey Institute of            Academic Positions (WEAAP) Workshop.



2007-2009                               Program Coordinator, NJIT ADVANCE: Increasing the

New Jersey Institute of            Participation of Women in Academic Science and

Technology                             Engineering Careers


Spring 2006                            Panel Discussant, Writing Across the Curriculum Annual
Rutgers University                  Colloquium
Spring 2005                            Elected PTL Representative, Writing Program
Rutgers University                  Assessment Committee.


Spring/Summer 2005            Writing Program Placement Committee.

Rutgers University                 



Hunt, Theresa A. (2009). Addressing the Global Information Deficit: Case Studies on Information Communications Technologies and Violence Against Women in Developing Regions. Proc. of 2009 International Studies Association Conf., February 15-18, 2009. New York, NY.


Hunt, Theresa A. (2009). Moving Beyond Rhetoric: State Sovereignty and Women’s Human Rights in the Global System. Proc. of 2009 International Studies Association Conf., February 15-19, 2009, New York, NY.


Hunt, Theresa A. (2009). Unspoken Resistance: Women and the Arpillera Movement in Pinochet’s Chile. Proc of 2009 American Comparative Literature Association Conf., March 26-29, 2009. Harvard University, Cambridge MA. 


Nelson, Priscilla P., & Hunt, Theresa A. (2009) Women Engineers in Advanced Academic Positions: Effecting Change in Higher Education. Proc. of 2009 American Society for Engineering Education Conf., June 22-25, Austin, TX.


Steffen-Fluhr, N, Plummer, M, and Hunt, T. (2008) Advancing Women at the New Jersey Institute of Technology through Collaborative Research Networks. Proc. of 2008 ADVANCE Annual Investigators’ Meeting, May 10-13, Alexandria, VA.












2010                                        Virgina M Walsh Memorial Fund for Research

  1. Highest Distinction in Literary Studies,

Awarded at 2002  Rutgers MA Commencement

  1. Rutgers University Walter Russell Scholar
  1. Rutgers University Graduate Fellowship
  1. Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society





New Jersey State Certification to teach high school English