Profile: Clayton Hartjen

Emeritus Professor of Sociology

Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Comparative/International Criminology and Juvenile Delinquency.

Current Research: Comparative analysis of juvenile crime and justice. Comparative analysis of delinquency lawas and correctional/judicial systems. Cross-national patterns of delinquent behavior. Youth victimizataion across the globe.

  • Courses Taught


    Delinquency and Juvenille Justice

    Topics in Criminal Justice

  • Education

    Ph.D., Sociology, New York University, 1973

  • Publications

    The Global Victimization of Children: Problems and Solutions (New York: Springer, 2012), with S. Priyadarsini

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  • Research Initiatives

    Professor Hartjen is currently researching a book to be titled The Victimization of Children and Young People Across the Globe which synthesizes and summarizes information from countries around the world. (with S. Priyadarsini)