Clare Gutwein

Clare Gutwein was born in Liverpool, England and raised in Camden, New Jersey. She earned her B.S. in Linguistics and her M.S. in Sociolinguistics at Georgetown University, graduating in 2004. She also completed her certification in Bilingual Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. After receiving her degrees, Clare taught English Language Learners from kindergarten to fifth grade in the public school system in Arlington, Virginia. This gave her opportunities to work in a variety of instructional settings and to participate in her school’s leadership team. After four years teaching at the elementary level, she moved to the middle school level in the same district and continued to teach English Language Learners from diverse cultures and backgrounds. In this setting she taught history and science in a sheltered classroom and was again given the opportunity to work on the school leadership team. She also collaborated in writing curricula to be used across various schools and became a facilitator for the district’s Cultural Competence initiative, focusing on issues of race and culture in education. Clare’s research interests include race and culture, the effects of nonstandard dialects and language in the educational setting, immigration issues and identity development.