Citizenship Rutgers

Citizenship Rutgers Dec 2011 from Daniel D'Alonzo on Vimeo.

CMGC is a founding partner of Citizenship Rutgers, a free naturalization application assistance project. Conceived by students, faculty and staff at Rutgers—and coordinated by the Eagleton Institute’s Program on Immigration and Democracy in collaboration with CMGC and the Rutgers law schools at Newark and Camden—Citizenship Rutgers leverages the resources of New Jersey’s flagship public university to offer free expert legal advice and trained naturalization application assistance statewide. Through Citizenship Rutgers, Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) access free individual consultations with experienced immigration attorneys; knowledgeable, language appropriate application assistance; passport-sized photos; document certification; citizenship test questions and ESL referrals. To date, Citizenship Rutgers is the nation’s only citizenship application assistance project based at a state university.

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