CGHR Alumni

Claudia Casal-Cordero is a Fullbright recipient currently pursing her Masters at Rutgers University-Newark’s Division of Global Affairs. Her main interests are in labor rights, equality and sustainable development, environmental security, and women status in the armed forces. She received a B.A in political science from ARCIS University at Santiago de Chile and a diploma in Defense and Security from the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies at Santiago de Chile, with a academic excellence scholarship from Chilean Department of Defense, and a diploma in Quantitative Methods for Social Research from Diego Portales University at Santiago de Chile. Currently, she is the recipient of a prestigious scholarship from Becas Chile program of the Government of Chile. Her professional experience has been focused on sustainable development and labor rights, at the National Center for Alternative Development (CENDA), security and defense, in an assistant researcher role at the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies and Friedrich Ebert Foundatio. She was also an intern researcher, on CIRELA Project from University of California-Berkeley. In addition, Claudia also has held  academic positions at San Sebastian University, She is the Spanish language editor of the Alterinfos website:
Murad Meshanni is currently a junior Honors College student at Rutgers University-Newark. He is pursuing a major in Political Science with an emphasis on the preservation of human rights around the world. Murad is fluent in both English and Arabic, has a history of helping others in need, and for the last three years has actively ridden as an EMT at a volunteer squad of his own accord. His intellectual interest ranges from technology and medicine to politics, poetry, and philosophy, taking to heart the polymath mentality of the Renaissance Man. Murad hopes that his experience with CGHR will allow him to better understand the issues regarding global human rights violations and what it takes to protect them universally.
Noor Suleiman is graduated from Rutgers University-New Brunswick in 2014. She will graduate this fall with a double degree in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. Noor is fluent in both English and Arabic, and has a passion for Middle Eastern politics. Growing up, she was, and still is very active at her mosque, where she helps run a youth group for middle and high school girls. She is an active volunteer in many different organizations, and is currently on the board of an organization called Inspiring American Muslim Youth that plans and executes annual conventions. Noor is deeply concerned for human rights, and resolving the conflicts of the Middle East.
Stefan Stankovic is currently a Ph.D. student in the Division of Global Affairs at Rutgers University-Newark. He has served as an educator and an activist, leading programs for youth, ethnic minorities, and refugees in the former Yugoslavia. Prior to attending Rutgers, he studied in England and New York. His area of research interest is the trajectory of Great Powers and violent conflicts in the European periphery of the late Ottoman Empire, with regional repercussions in the late 20th Century.
Mariam Zaidi graduaed from Rutgers-Newark in 2014. She is pursuing a double major in English and Biology and plans to pursue a career in public health. Mariam has a special interest in promoting international human rights, education, and women's rights in nations in the developing world. She has a special interest in Afghanistan and hopes that her experience with CGHR will help her better understand these goals and what it takes to achieve them.