Certificates of Completion

PALS students can request three types of certificates:

  • Certificate of Intensive ESL Program Completion
    The Intensive ESL Program runs from Beginner to High Advanced. Any student who completes the High Advanced level of the Intensive ESL Program can request a Certificate of Intensive ESL Program Completion. (Students can start at any level—Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced—and can obtain the Certificate of Intensive Track Completion when they finish High Advanced.)
  • Certificate of Program Completion
    Any student who completes the Advanced Academic Program AND successfully passes the PALS TOEFL Preparation Program can request a Certificate of Program Completion.
  • TOEFL Preparation Program Certificate
    Any student who completes the TOEFL Preparation Courses and achieves a final TOEFL test score of 79 or higher can request a TOEFL Preparation Program Certificate. The certificate will state the TOEFL score.
  • Certificate of Course Completion
    Upon request, students can obtain a Certificate of Course Completion for any of the core courses or electives of the Intensive ESL Program, including workshops and Evening & Saturday courses.